About me

Hi Folks!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m working as a Azure Solution Architect & Trainer at Accenture AG in Zurich, Switzerland. Originally from application development .NET & Angular, my focus is now on cloud-native development, architecture and automation for Azure. The focus from recent cloud customer projects is in the area of serverless apps, monitoring, IaC and landing zone deployments.

I’m also engaging as a speaker in user groups or conferences and I try to spread my knowledge in articles for tech journals.

I started this blog because I learned [ at least (-; ] one thing: Being motivated to try new approaches and combine them with existing best practices is fine, but if there is only official documentation for your case – without people writing about their real-life experiences – it’s often not really funny. So I like to contribute a bit…

Working is not everything. Besides, I love it to spend my free time, summer till winter, outsides in the beautiful mountains of switzerland. Hiking, skiing, camping… to be continued